Pilgrimage Tours

Pilgrimage Tours

There is a misperception that the only way to participate in a pilgrimage tour is to undertake long flights and exhausting travel in order to arrive at a particular relic or site.  It is our counsellors’ belief that a pilgrimage can involve a visit to a cross on a hill at a local church or the pew of a cathedral to speak to God.

Our pilgrimage tours are designed to counsel the individual seeking to establish or reconnect with God. Whatever the circumstances, be they the result of divorce, exhaustion, misunderstanding, death in a family or a condition that has been noted in recent times as just feelings of overwhelming sadness and abandonment. These tours are accompanied by Dr Martin who is registered as a Specialist Counsellor or an equally qualified counsellor.

Conventional pilgrimage journeys to Israel, Italy, Greece and France as well as walking pilgrimage tours are also undertaken.

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