Corporate Counselling Breakaways

Corporate Counselling Breakaways

Frequently the opening line when discussing troubling issues in the workplace is the inability of the individual to cope with the day to day stress or feelings of inferiority, insignificance, rejection or just general exhaustion.

These symptoms are contagious and infect the company on the whole and the management in particular. Productivity is affected and the atmosphere is pervasive into other areas of the organisation.

Dr Martin or an equally qualified counsellor travels together with a group or department of the company to a viable venue which is conducive to the opening up and speaking freely of the problems being encountered in the workplace thus giving the individual within the group an opportunity to verbalise and correct misconceptions and express feelings.

Counselling is either on a one to one basis or within the group structure, dependent on the circumstances and the particular problem being expressed.

Suggested breakaway venues are diverse and are structured to cater to the area of the company, the number of participants, and the particular management agenda. To this end the following itineraries would be discussed in depth with the management of the organisation prior to the counselling breakaway taking place.

The following are just an idea of the areas and venues for counselling sessions.

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