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An island of true contrasts. The French department of Reunion is unknown to many of the world's travelers. That's unfortunate! This unique island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is simply one of the most intriguing spots on earth. Not as well-known as nearby Mauritius or the not-so-far-away British Seychelles, little Reunion seems but a speck in the vast ocean, dwarfed by Madagascar, located 500 miles to the west. Plan your Reunion island holiday packages with Sun and Sandals Tours.

The French know the island well but only the very well-traveled have ever stepped foot on Reunion's varied and enticing terrain. With an active volcano on its south coast, 17 miles of warm, welcoming beaches in the west, and lots of mountains and forests in between, Reunion Island offers vacation opportunities ranging from relaxing to truly insane. If you're looking for a place to "chill out", you'll find it here.

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But if you're the kind of vacationer who prefers an adrenaline rush over a sunburn, the possibilities are endless. From hiking Reunion's unique "cirques" or canyoning the island's many waterfalls to scuba diving or surfing in the clear waters that surround this tiny 30-mile-wide island, adventure activities abound for vacationers hoping to do something a little daring while on their Reunion holiday. Sun and Sandals Tours has over a decade of expert experience with travel to Reunion island. We organise group holidays, go as you please vacations, honeymoons, golf trips, dive packages and hiking trips. Weddings and Honeymoons - Réunion is for lovers, newly weds, honeymooners, anniversary celebrations, Valentine's Day getaways! Elope on honeymoon or Sun and Sandals Tours can arrange Gift Voucher Holidays for Valentine's Day gifts!

Often referred to as an “intense” island, Reunion can be as different as night and day, depending on where you travel within the island. From the flat coastal areas where watersports are king to the mountainous interior where adrenaline sports offer nail-biting excitement, Reunion Island greets travellers with the most amazing holiday experiences. The Interior Reunion’s rugged interior is formed by Salazies Mountain – an extinct volcano – in the west and the Grand Brule Mountain in the east, where visitors will find the island’s still-active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise.

The interior’s highest point is Le Piton des Nieges, standing a majestic 3,069 meters tall. The island’s three cirques, however, dominate the topography of the interior portion of Reunion. Often described as “natural amphitheatres” or “calderas”, a cirque – literally a volcano that collapsed upon itself - offers not only amazing photo opportunities but fun and adventure as well. But the interior of Reunion is much more than just lava-covered mountains and ancient crumbling craters. On this volcanic island, guests will find amazing lush, green forests like the Bebour-Belouve, where you’ll view birds that you’d be hard-pressed to see anywhere else in the world.

Waterfalls are abundant and spectacular as well, literally trickling in the dry months but offering crushing flows during the rainy season, when monsoons are a natural occurrence. You might even stumble upon a dairy farm or two while exploring Reunion’s varied interior. Coastline Due to its more manageable and people-friendly terrain, the coastal lowlands of Reunion Island are where cities and villages have sprung up throughout the centuries, since the time the French settled on the island in 1642. The west coast towns offer warm, relaxing bea ches as well as plenty of opportunity for enticing watersports. The lively town of St-Gilles-les-Bains attracts scuba divers with its nearby coral reefs and St Leu is the perfect location for avid surfers. Pretty St Paul boasts a fun outdoor street market and lots of traditional Creole houses for guests to admire.

The northernmost coastal capital city of St Denis is really a mecca for tourists, but often overlooked in favor of the beaches or mountains. You’ll find interesting island architecture on a tour of this friendly city as well as art galleries, beautiful gardens, and the island’s best variety of restaurants, ranging from formal sit-down establishments to island take-out joints, where you can grab some quick Creole finger foods to enjoy during your downtown stroll. East coast towns offer fields of sugar cane and vanilla, attractive architecture, luxurious vegetation, and lots of waterfalls. The sea, however, is rugged on this coast and not appropriate for swimming or other watersports. incentives, group holidays, accommodation, île de la réunion.

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